Game of Thorns

scott jpegBeing an eight-year-old boy in the MIdwest in 1975, I remember liking food, girls, and baseball in no particular order. I liked food a little too much, thus found myself shopping in the husky-plus section in K-Mart while my Mom waited for the next blue light special. Girls, well, we all now how that works. That leaves baseball.

Big Red Machine

The Fall of 1975 was a magical time. I still remember sitting around our console TV with my Dad and Grandfather watching the Cincinnati Reds playing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series that year. I kept repeating over and over that my favorite players were Johnny Bench, Dave Concepcion, and Pete Rose. The Reds went on to win that World Series over Boston and Peter Edward Rose was named the series MVP. Not only did Pete win the MVP, but he won over this young fan.

How could you not like Pete? The dude played harder than anyone. Yeah, he rubbed some people the wrong way with his “Charlie Hustle” style of play, but if Pete put good wood on the ball and it found a gap, you could bet he would be diving head first into third base to leg out a triple. His style of play was a hit with the fans, especially in the blue-collar town of Cincinnati.

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Glass Slipper Unlikely

Well the NCAA college basketball tournament tipped off today. The excitement started with 16 games Thursday, and another 16 on the docket for Friday. These games mean money, one way or another for so many … good and bad.

Perscription for hoops fever.

Prescription for hoops fever.

Not All Fun and Games

How many people in your office just so happened to be sick on Thursday? Heck, they might even be gone again on Friday. Probably got a bad case of college basketball fever. There is no cure, but home remedies include mandatory couch time, coupled with plenty of chips, dip, and adult beverages.  I have even heard commercials on local sports radio shows from doctors that do vasectomies, prompting potential patients to get the “snip-snip” done during the opening days of the tournament, thus giving them an excuse to plop down on the couch with some frozen peas on their basketballs.

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