Unexpected Contentment

Anyone that knows me knows I like to bitch and complain. I’m not going to lie, that is true. Battling depression, you have your good days and your bad days. It’s very easy to see the glass as half empty instead of half full.

Well, tonight, anyway, I got a glimpse of the half-full glass.

I’m not sure where this vision came from. With the country going to hell in a hurry, I know my mind hasn’t been happy lately, but, tonight, anyway, I had a wave of contentment wash over me. Continue reading

Which Way Out?

I feel guilty sometimes. I have a good life, but I never seem to be quite happy. I am always wanting something new, constantly searching for that thing that is ultimately going to make me happy. Does it exist? I’m not sure.

I think I know, but I’m not quite sure. I think a change of scenery, like a move out of state. Maybe a new business venture. Something to spark some creativity and adventure. The problem with both of these is that I have no idea where to start to make them become a reality. When I think of them, I get excited, but it makes me feel a bit helpless, like a boat going in circles.

I’m just not sure the next steps to take, which then makes me feel stressed and depressed, which I don’t need. Hoping one of these days to find what I am looking for and find that elusive feeling of overall happiness.


Olay … Olay, Olay, Olay

olayIt’s not as big of a deal online, but I have warned my friends that if they happen to have someone they don’t recognize come up to them like a long lost friend, it will be me. I’m sure after a month of using Olay’s Regenerist, all of my wrinkles will be gone and my skin will be as smooth as silk! I won’t be the same old, wrinkly guy that I had become.

Now if I can find a couple cans of spray-on hair, I might be able to avoid turning 50 for a couple more years!