Right Place … Wrong Time

Everyone knows that time passes on. There is no stopping it, unfortunately, but do you ever think about life itself? Your life? How might your life have been different if you were born a century ago, ten years ago, or even a century in the future? Well, maybe it’s just me.

Having recently turned 50, my thoughts have turned toward retirement and trying to become more healthy. I have worked too damn hard not to be around long enough to enjoy retirement, thus I have to push away from the table and get off my ass and exercise. When I think about life, though, I often think about what might have been.

Stage Goes Dark

I think about Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock band, Queen, who died of AIDS at the young age of just 45 years old back in 1991, the same year NBA legend Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive. If Freddie had not contracted the disease for just a few more years, he would likely still be here today.

I often think of all the people that lived in the early 20th century that had life expectancies that probably would not eclipse my current age. How many people on this earth never got to see their 50th birthdays. I often think how nice it would have been to live in the Roaring Twenties, but it probably sounds better than it was. So many diseases back then could have killed you that now are eradicated or treatable.

Tick … Tick … Tick

I also turn my attention to the future. Yes, I am 50. Who knows how long I will live. 75? 80? 100? Hard to tell. What if I were born in 2067 and not 1967? How long could I expect to live? We’ve all seen predictions for the future and how far off they have mostly been. Yes, it would be great to be driving flying cars, but we have yet to realize this fantasy.

These days, you hear about people in the not so distant future possibly living well past 100 and maybe quite a bit more. When you go to the doctor, they would just do gene replacement, kind of like an oil change for our bodies. Who knows how long we might survive with “fresh oil”.

Marathon, Not a Sprint

Yes, modern medicine has come a long way in my lifetime. Promising treatments for Cancer, Alzheimers, and Diabetes are on the horizon. I guess, for me anyway, it is a race against the clock. Can we all avoid these common killers at least until viable treatments if not cures are available. Your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s hoping “The Show Must Go On” for another 30+ years!


Living on the Edge

Anyone who has owned a dog knows how attached you get to those little furballs. To us, roo-ballthey are not pets, but part of the family. They bring us so much joy, but, sometimes, they need our help. In the case of one of our Jack Russell terriers, the help she needs is a matter of life and death.

Scout, our now 11-year-old, rough coat Jack Russell terrier, developed diabetes three years ago. With that diagnosis, her life, as well as our lives have changed tremendously.

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Friends for Life

Almost from the time we come out of the womb, we start trying to make friends. We want people to like us. In the sandbox, you were taught to share your toys with others and to be nice to others. When you get into high school, popularity seems paramount to your well-being. Once you get into the work place, you’re still trying to make friends among your co-workers. It’s just what we do.

How many times have you had people you thought were friends that eventually ended up betraying you. Did they steal your boyfriend/girlfriend? Did they throw you under the bus at work? Did they stand you up when they said they would show up for your party? We’ve all been there. It hurts, doesn’t it?

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