Olay … Olay, Olay, Olay

olayIt’s not as big of a deal online, but I have warned my friends that if they happen to have someone they don’t recognize come up to them like a long lost friend, it will be me. I’m sure after a month of using Olay’s Regenerist, all of my wrinkles will be gone and my skin will be as smooth as silk! I won’t be the same old, wrinkly guy that I had become.

Now if I can find a couple cans of spray-on hair, I might be able to avoid turning 50 for a couple more years!

I Didn’t Sign Up for This!

67732_170443929633222_7912586_nGrowing up, what did we all think … how great it would be to be an adult and out on our own, right? For those of you that are now adults, is it all that you thought it would be or would you give anything to go back to the care-free days of being young again?

I have asked many people this question and I have gotten a variety of answers. I guess it kind of depends on your childhood. If your childhood wasn’t the greatest or maybe you hated high school, you probably wouldn’t go back. If you had a great childhood and enjoyed success in school or sports growing up, chances are, you’re looking for that Delorean or hot tub time machine.

Where Has the Time Gone?

hourglass-708574_1280I guess it could also depend on what you think about your adult life. Are you doing the work you dreamed about as a kid? Maybe you actually turned into that doctor, fireman, or police officer you hoped you would become. I am guessing those people are few and far between. I bet the majority of you, like me, aren’t working at the jobs we dreamt of growing up. No, instead we’re stuck in a cubicle, or in a coal mine, or some dangerous construction site wondering what the hell happened. What happened to those childhood dreams? What happened to our youth? I turned 48 this year. I could swear I was just 18. My daughter will be headed to college in the Fall. Seems like just yesterday that she was a little baby and then a toddler.

Working for the Weekend

My Dad always told me that I wished my life away. I guess he was right. Not hard to do on this hamster wheel we call life. When Monday rolls around, we already start wishing it was Friday. Friday rolls around and we enjoy a couple of days referred to as the weekend. Guess what? Monday will roll around again before we know it and then we are yearning for the next weekend. It’s easy to see how days turn into months and months into years. Continue reading

Hello world!

scott jpegHello everyone. I started my blog, like most of you, to let people know what’s on my mind at any particular moment. I will post at least three blogs a week, but probably more. I have a lot going through my head.

My topics will range from various life issues to various sports issues. I know, pretty vague. I like to talk about what’s on my mind for the day. It could be a crappy day at work or the buzzer-beating shot to win the NBA title.

I have a newspaper background. I am a former sports editor, thus my love of writing about sports. I also designed the sports pages, took photographs from the games I attended, and wrote a column called, “The H-Files.” I won back-to-back Best Sports Sections in Indiana by the Hoosier State Press Association for our size of newspaper.

I hope to make many friends in the blogging community as well as share some great content.