Not Really My Kind of Town

I don’t travel much, especially not for work. Well, that changed last week when I got to spend the week in Chicago on the company dime.

On the way up, I thought about all the things I was going to do. I was going to eat pizza until I was full to the gills. I was going to visit the Adler Planetarium. I was going to find the Chicago Cubs team store.

Well … I literally did none of those things. Chicago had not experienced a measurable snow in January and February, but since I was making an appearance in the second city, the snow would make a return. I ended up leaving for Chicago a day earlier than I had planned so I could beat the winter burst, which I did by about an hour. Also, I HATE traffic, which Chicago is known for. I parked my car Sunday night and didn’t move it again until Friday afternoon.

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I’m No Needle in a Haystack

With my blog nearly two years old now, I have decided to try my hand at another online venture … a store. I must admit I am an impatient person and this endeavor is no different.

So many things to decide and set up even before you have a chance to sell anything. I saw a poster in a Facebook group I follow say that even when you get everything set up, you still are just a needle in a haystack. Wow, there’s something to look forward to. I know it’s not going to be easy, but a needle in a haystack?

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